Tactical Handgun/Defensive Combat 2 (2hr advanced class – 200 rnds) During a terrorist attack or an active shooter incident in a public place, we will be responsible for our own survival for the first few minutes. Skill-set, solid tactics and the right tools will give you the confidence and ability to engage and defeat the enemy. This class will help students improve their skills under stressful conditions. We will address the following subjects during this two-hour course:
    • Weapon choices
    • Concealed draw and shoot techniques
    • Fight and shoot (creating separation and drawing)
    • Knocked down and shoot (shooting from the ground)
    • Addressing multiple targets
    • Mag reloads / tactical reloads / clearing malfunctions
    • Move and shoot
    • Communication under fire (shoot, move, communicate)
    • One handed techniques (injured arm simulation)
    • Fight-through mindset
    • Class date : July 21st 6:00-8:30
  • This is an intermediate level class. We teach students the basics of defensive combat shooting. We focus on the fundamentals of instinctive shooting. Including; grip, tactical shooting position, gun presentation, tactical window and field of view. This is point-shoot from the tactical shooting position. We will spend time breaking down the dynamics of a deadly force encounter and the mental and physiological aspects of stress under fire. We will finish with shooting on the move exercises, which will incorporate all of the techniques the students will learn in this course. (3hr/200 rounds)
  • Intermediate Handgun This is the next logical step in training after the Basic Handgun class. After learning the basics of grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, and trigger control the students should continue in their practice and training to become more comfortable in the skills learned. The skills taught in the Intermediate Handgun class will be how to rapidly acquire a target while making a conscious decision whether or not it is a threat, and the +1 methodology of shooting (which is deliberate decision making to only shoot as long as you have a valid lethal force threat). Instruction will also include how to step, move, and follow through while defensive shooting. As this class progresses the students will finish up with exercises in malfunction clearances and the beginning stages of working from the holster. Required items to take this class:
    1. The student should own their own defensive handgun.
    2. The student must have a minimum of 3 magazines for a semi-automatic, if a revolver a minimum of three speed loaders.
    3. The student must have electronic hearing protection.
    4. The student must have proper eye protection.
    5. Student must have a hat with a bill.
    6. The student needs to wear a shirt that will not allow hot brass down the shirt collar.
    7. 100 rounds of Full Metal Jacket training ammunition.
  • This pistol course was developed to advance the student past their basic working knowledge and fundamentals of pistol application. Students will be challenged and advance at a pace that information is still retained. In addition to the fundamentals, students will run through numerous scenarios and drills forcing them to think and problem solve. These drills will require applying the fundamentals at a fast speed, “SOF speed”. This course is much more physical and mental than your basic handgun course. Please be prepared to move and sweat.
    • Proper gear selection and placement
    • Shooting fundamentals
    • Speed, Tactical and Emergency reloads
    • Physics of the shooter and the gun
    • Strong and support side drills
    • Weapons malfunction drills
    • Target engagement zones (1,2,3)
    • Tactical movement techniques
    • Alternate shooting positions
    • In depth Combat Mindset
    • Speed and accuracy drills
    ****What to bring…
    • Semi-auto pistol of choice
    • 3 or more magazines for pistol (6 for single stack)
    • 350 ROUNDS of ammo specific to the pistol you will be using for the course.  Ammo is available for purchase at the store if needed.
    • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/Eye protection
    • Holster and magazine pouches that will retain equipment when moving
    • Water storage device (Camelback, Nalgene, whatever just drink water)
    • Knee pads (optional but recommended)
    • Clothing you can move and perform strenuous physical activity in.
    • Weapon lube and maintenance tools
    • Food
  • The Rifle course is a 4 hour course that covers all of the basics of purchasing, owning, operating, maintenance, and cleaning of a Rifle. This a great course for anyone who owns or is looking to purchase a rifle. We will cover firearm safety, in the home and outside the home. Loading and unloading procedures. The basics of operating and understanding the functionality of your rifle.  We will also cover the basic principles of shooting your rifle. This class will start in the classroom and move to the Range where you will go through shooting exercises. This class will give you a good foundation to build from in your future firearm endeavors.
  • This class will cover the basics of how to use and read your optics. We will go over:
    • MIL vs MOA
    • FFP vs SFP
    • Scope Specs
    • Focus
    • Zoom
    • Eye Relief
    • Parallax
    • Elevation and Windage
    • Scope use. Hunting, Competition, Plinking, ARs, Bolt Guns etc..
    You may bring your own scope to the class. Make sure all firearms are unloaded prior to entering the store. Your firearms must be in a case and will be cleared and checked by the instructor. This is a great course for anyone getting into long range shooting, competition shooting or just learning how to use long range scopes.
  • This course is for women only. (Course is taught by a male instructor) The goal of this class is to get you familiar with a firearm. We will cover safety, loading and unloading. We will also go over the basic principles of shooting which include grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger pull and more. We will also cover safety in the home and how to store your firearm.
    When you finish this course you will better understand and feel more comfortable with a firearm. Our instructors will help answer any and all questions you may have.
    Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age requirement is 8.
  • You do not need to bring your firearm to this course. All instructional materials will be provided by the instructor.